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Web Design

Our designers will style for your target audience with the latest design trends.


A milestone payment to help manage your financing when getting a website.

Your 24/7 sales person

Allows visitors to find out more about your work's details.

Your 24/7 sales person

Allows visitors to find out more about your work's details.

Your 24/7 sales person

Allows visitors to find out more about your work's details.

Your 24/7 sales person

Allows visitors to find out more about your work's details.



S$ 1100
  • 5 x pages
  • e.g Homepage, About Us, Contact Us, etc. 

  • Built-in forms
  • Let your visitors fill up an enquiry form & get notified.

  • Chat Button
  • WhatsApp, Messenger embedded on your website,

  • Video/Photos
  • High quality royalty-free stock photos.

  • Modern Look
  • Uses latest design trends.

Start with this first & you will know the power of having a website.


Styling & Dynamic Content

S$ 1500
  • Includes Portfolio Package
  • Additional 5 pages, Live Chat, Paid Premium Stock Photos/Videos

  • Blog Feature
  • Share your stories to your audience. With e-mail notifications whenever you post.

  • Dyanmic Content
  • Display your work with dynamic feature and style.

  • Landing Page
  • 1 x landing page to convert visitors to clients.

  • Style & Animations
  • More custom animations, style to further design your website.

Appreciate trending designs & styles to outshine your competitors.



S$ 3000
  • Includes Pro Package
  • Additional 5 pages (15), Automations

  • E-Mail Marketing Set Up
  • Send e-mails when visitor register/buys. 3 e-mail templates included.

  • System Implementation
  • 1 x Booking System/Appointment System/Reservation System... etc 

  • Pop-Ups
  • Marketing pop-ups to help visitors decide.

  • Automate
  • Reduce workflow by having the website do it for you.

Start automate sales process and aftermarket services.


Go Public

S$ 8000
4 Split Payment
  • Includes Geek Package
  • Additional 5 pages (20), more automations, 2 x system implementation

  • Further Automate
  • Automate even more work flows & eventually let the website take over.

  • Triggers
  • Set-Up Triggers to further automate with other apps/web-apps

  • Additional Sub-Website
  • Included a sub-website to support your main website 

  • Custom Dashboard
  • Your customer or staff can log-in and access to whatever data you want.

Introduce wide options such as SaaS to your customers.

Talk to us how you want your website to look like

From a standard professional looking website to a whole another level of UI/UX with animated scrolling & smooth buttery feel for your visitors. OR just as simple as a Single Scroll website.

Have Any Questions?

Website FAQs

Most questions we get from our clients.

We recommend the Portfolio first.
Depending on your Maintenance plan, you can take advantage of the complimentary hours to change/edit your website. This is a recommended way to start off and discover what you need in a webiste.

Yes, it is included if you take up any of our Care Plan.

The answer is unlimited with an additional design development cost at S$20/hour. You can create anything that you could think of. However, there is a standard guide to follow for the network, systems to work smoothly. Our developers will help you guide on the design aspect.

Business E-Mails will be immidietely available once you have make payment for any Care Plan you choose. Click here for more details about domain name and hosting.

Please note that this e-mail is for normal communication purpose only and not for account creations.

Yes! It is yours.

However, when you opt to maintain with us, you may not have access for safety purposes (like misclicks, design breaks, website crashes etc.). Since we maintain for you, it is not worth the risk to have your website crashed.

You can opt-out maintenance plan and explore your own if you want! However there will be no support from us.

We are able to help you make changes as long as you maintain with us after the included maintenance hours is over. We name it Ad-Hoc Task

Ad-Hoc task is whenever you need to add or change features in the future after you have your website launched. This way, we won’t leave you hanging when your website is up and running. Portfolio Care Plan have free 1-hour Ad-Hoc task per month. The higher plan you go the more hours is included.

Ad-Hoc task rate is based on S$20/hour.
However, the minimum purchase is 1 x Ad-Hoc task which is 5 hours. The hours will expire after 30 days of the purchase.

Rates may vary according to your Care Plan. The higher your plan, the cheaper the Ad-Hoc task.

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