when is the right time to have a website?

Hello! I'm Kamil.

Based in Singapore.

I am a Web-Designer/Developer.
I design websites that focus on sales automation, customer experience and modern user interface.

I fiddled around with HTML since I was 7 years old.
that is 22 years!

As soon as you think about Getting A Website. Chances are you need it now.

Why now? 
If you create a new social media account.
Does it immediately gain followers or views?

No, it requires time for the algorithm to kick in and start appearing on user feeds.

Your website will not appear on the first page of search engines because it’s new.

So by having a website now, internet search engines can start creating the algorithm to help you rank better.

Already have a social media account?

A website is like a digital expansion that will help your viewers gain trust towards you.

Do you know, people who view your business/work through a website could get you better customers?

These customers are cash-ready but in search of high-quality and reliable providers.
This could be you!

Social Media Marketing is short & sweet, by having a website, you can direct them to more details on what you offer and eventually turn into a sale before you even know it!

Set 3 core features

Set aside three core factors that you want your visitors to do when they visit your website.

Don’t overthink. 

You can later add many more features to your website.

You know what? How about we jump into a quick, short & sweet video chat just to answer any questions you might have?
It’s free! Click the button below.

5 Things I Will Cover In The Call

Here is what we will cover in the FREE video call:-

Learn About Features You Should Have.
Design, Look & Feel.
Create Upsells to support your main product.
Industrial Approach
Price Package with Discount.

Immediate Benefit When You Schedule A Call With Me

I only offer discount prices for those who jump on a call with me first.

This way, I can understand what you need for your business and not assume the things you need.

I have received messages asking for quotes with little to no information about their business which ended up being a higher quotation.

Guess what? They still take up my service.

Jumping in a call with me first will help YOU save money

My Cheapest Package



S$ 1100
  • 5 x pages
  • e.g Homepage, About Us, Contact Us, etc. 

  • Built-in forms
  • Let your visitors fill up an enquiry form & get notified.

  • Chat Button
  • WhatsApp, Messenger embedded on your website,

  • Video/Photos
  • High quality royalty-free stock photos.

  • Modern Look
  • Uses latest design trends.

Start with this first & you will know the power of having a website.

You will see the above at my main website page.
Tell you what, how about an immediate deal?

This is a deal that you don’t want to miss.
I usually give a minimum S$300 discounts for those who jump on a call with me.
Which is a total of S$800 after discount.

I understand that having someone to create a website takes a large toll on your expenses.

Especially for a simple static website.

With that, I am offering you a very limited OFFER which I only take ONE or TWO clients each month.

The Final Price Is


That's a saving of S$600

Get Free 1 Year of Maintenance Too!

This promo will end in

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